Application of modular buildings in the private sector

Application of modular buildings in the private sector

We create a ‘home away from home’ with our custom designed and built accommodation perfect for residential, dormitories and camp sites.


servicing the following Areas:

coldrooms & refrigeration

greenhouses & poultry

offices & boardrooms

features & benefits

  • cleaner living environmment

    less dirt contamination, our unique double “tongue and groove system” creates perfect sealant against dust, dirt and water.

  • cost-effectiveness

    there is not a more cost effective way of building top quality accommodation.

  • fast turn around times

    fast time efficient, with prefabricating the building and assembling it onsite, there is minimum disruption and timely delivery.

  • fire resistant

    our polyurethane panels are fire retardant, safe for the bush, mines and construction sites.

  • thermal resistance

    keep cool in summer and warm in winter, and drastically reduce the cost of cooling and warming bills such as gas heaters, and air conditioning.

  • noise suppression

    peace and tranquillity thanks to our unique sound resistant panels.

  • high modularity

    easy to expand, we can adapt and expand the modular buildings as the needs change.

  • incredible strength

    our modular structures are up to 4 times stronger than industry standard and are made to last.

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