Application of modular buildings in healthcare

Application of modular buildings in healthcare

With the increasing need for quality healthcare facilities throughout Africa; we believe that to make the health care system work, the correct infrastructure needs to be in place. Whether it’s a clinic, a laboratory, or a complete hospital facility; our design manufacturing and building expertise helps bring health care to areas that need it most for a fraction of the normal price. We have been instrumental in working with a local and national healthcare professional to ensure we provide low cost prefabricated modular health care infrastructure in Africa. Manufactured to the most stringent international quality control standards which meet all necessary regulations.


servicing the following Areas:

coldrooms & refrigeration

offices & boardrooms

features & benefits

  • cost-effectiveness

    critical healthcare infrastructure for a fraction of the price.

  • fast turn around times

    with prefabricating buildings and onsite assembly, there is minimum disruption and timely delivery to ensure patients have the best care, fast..

  • fire resitance

    Polyurethane will not burn on its own, in fact when left to burn the fire will extinguish itself.

  • high modularity

    Easy to add additional space or buildings to your property, we can adapt and expand the modular buildings as the needs of the healthcare providers changes

  • intelligent sealant design

    For our panels we offer a unique double “tongue and groove system” creates perfect sealant against dust, dirt and water to ensure a clean and sterile environment.

  • long lifespan

    Modular Building Companies have reported to have lifespans of 25-30 Years on well-maintained buildings.

  • noise suppression

    effective in keeping outside noise to a minimum, patients, nurses & Dr’s can work in a noise and stress free environment.

  • thermal resitance

    keep patients and health care workers cool in summer and warm in winter, and drastically reduce the cost of cooling and warming bills such as air conditioning.

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