Application of modular buildings in education

Application of modular buildings in education

As an organization, we need to support in improving education systems in Africa. We believe that to make the education system work, the correct infrastructure needs to be in place. Whether it’s a classroom, school hall, library, ablutions, or an entire school, our design manufacturing and building expertise help bring education to areas that need it most for a fraction of the normal price. AMBS has vast experience in building low cost prefabricated modular education infrastructure in Africa, manufactured to the strictest international quality control standards, which meets all necessary regulations. Contact our consultant now to see how we can help you.


servicing the following Areas:

schools & universities

features & benefits

  • cost-effectiveness

    Cost effective, critical school infrastructure for a fraction of the price.

  • fast turn-around times

    Fast Turn-Around times with prefabricating buildings and onsite assembly, there is minimum disruption and timely delivery.

  • fire resistance

    Polyurethane will not burn on its own, in fact when left to burn the fire will extinguish itself.

  • long lifespan

    Modular Building Companies have reported to have lifespans of 25-30 Years on well-maintained buildings.

  • noise suppression

    Effective in keeping outside noise to a minimum; students can learn in peace thanks to our sound resistant panels.

  • thermal resistance

    Thermal resistance keeps students and teachers cool in summer and warm in winter.

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