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What are the large differences to consider when purchasing?


Thermal Insulation, Moisture Resistance, Fire Resistance, Density, Chemical Resistance, and Manufacturing; As PU is one of the best adhesives available it has a very strong bond to the panel skin and is made by high-pressure injection moulding. EPS needs to be bonded to the panel skin and this process often creates voids in the adhesion layer and results in delamination of the panel skin, causing reduced useful life span. For more info, see out product page.


What is the expected lifespan of AMBS’s products?


Our 40mm polyurethane panel-buildings have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years but are considered a permanent building solution with an unlimited lifespan provided that buildings are correctly maintained. To maximise lifespan, buildings must undergo regular maintenance.


What is the difference between a EPS and polyurethane panel?


Polyurethane is more expensive than expanded polystyrene, and most suppliers in the panel industry use expanded polystyrene due to the low cost and easy manufacturing.


What guarantee is offered on products?


We offer a one year guarantee on our products, for equipment manufactured by our approved supplier we provide the manufacturer’s warranty, which is generally 12 months from receipt of the materials.


What is the difference between prefabricated buildings and containers?


Prefabricated buildings are made with polyurethane temperature and sound insulated panels, whereas containers are standard sea freight shipping containers. Prefabricated buildings offer more flexible dimensions than containers, which are restricted to the standard container dimensions.

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It is with much appreciation that I am writing to recommend the services of AMBS. Jedd Civils have been using AMBS for the supplying of control rooms, site offices and facilities for the past five years. We work closely with various mining companies, which require high quality and performance. AMBS have always met these high standards, punctual performance and offer the most competitive rates. It is always a pleasure dealing with them are completely satisfied with their performance, and highly recommend them.

Nigel Schoobridge
Jedd Civils

I confirm with extreme confidence the excellent service that AMBS provided during the erection of Mumi pre-fabricated laboratory in the DRC. The service we received from AMBS was very professional at all times. They always execute superior quality work.

Paul Connor
Mutanda Mining S.A.R.L.

It is with great pleasure that NuMeRI recommends African Modular Building Solutions for modular and prefabricated structures. African ModularBuilding Solution has exceeded our expectations, delivering on time and with exceptional quality. NuMeRI will continue to engage with African Modular Building Solutions for innovative designs unique to our requirements in the healthcare sphere.NuMeRI has no reservations in recommending African Modular Building Solutions.

Yunus Munga, NuMeRI
Yunus Munga, Nu MeRI

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